DoD Amends DFARS

April 18, 2019

The Department of Defense issues several proposed rules and final rules, amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. 

Of the proposed rules, potentially the most consequential would implement a statutory mandate that requires a preference for fixed-price deals in defense contracting, where contracting officers would have to consider a fixed-price contract first when deciding an appropriate contract type for a specific procurement. The contracting officers would also need approval from the head of their contracting office when awarding any cost-reimbursement contract above $50 million through end of Fiscal 2019, and above $25 million after that.

All of the  proposed rules and final rules can be found here:

Proposed Rules: 84 Fed. Reg. 62, 1217984 Fed. Reg. 62, 1218284 Fed. Reg. 62, 12187.
Final Rules: 84 Fed. Reg. 62, 1213784 Fed. Reg. 62, 1213884 Fed. Reg. 62, 1213984 Fed. Reg. 62, 1214084 Fed. Reg. 62, 12141.