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Our Services

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Our Services

IFS has years of experience successfully delivering industry-leading professional services to organizations in the federal sector.  Read about our service offerings below to learn more.

Acquisition Management

IFS has experience assisting federal agencies with the full life-cycle acquisition process – from planning and procurement to reporting, payment, and closeout.  We have experience supporting agencies’ interaction with various aspects of the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) and are familiar with industry leading contract writing systems, financial systems, and reporting tools.  Our staff includes financial and acquisition systems experts, government contract attorneys, and former 1102-series personnel allowing us to provide a wide breadth of acquisition related experience to our clients.

We are proud of the fact that we have successfully provided acquisition support services to a number of federal agency contracting offices.  As evidence of the industry-leading support we provide, IFS was awarded the DHS small business award in 2011 for our performance providing acquisition support services to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We have strong references and can demonstrate successful performance of acquisition operations, acquisition training, acquisition systems support, and acquisition data quality analysis and improvement.

We understand

Acquiring goods and services on behalf of the Government is a challenging mission and is only getting more difficult by the day.  The acquisition environment is increasingly complex placing increasing demands on contracting officers and specialists.  Many agencies find themselves being asked to acquire more items, more quickly, in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, with fewer personnel and more oversight.  We understand these challenges and have successfully provided clients with support required to navigate all aspects of the acquisition lifecycle as depicted in the figure below.

Acquisition Life Cycle










Our Services

  • Acquisition Systems Support
  • Acquisition Training
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance Services
  • Contract Administration Support
  • Contract Close-out Support
  • Contract Reporting & Data Analysis Support
  • CPARS Support
  • Contract Documentation Support
  • Cost / Pricing and Cost / Benefit Analysis Support
  • Data Validation and Tracking Support
  • FOIA Request Support
  • Invoice Processing Support
  • Market Research Support
  • Post-award Conference Support
  • Pre-solicitation Support
  • Preparation and Assembly of Contract Files Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Correspondence Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Updates to Contract Status Reports Support
  • Protest Support
  • Record and File Management Support
  • Studies and Analyses Related to Contract Management
  • Technical, Business, and Cost Proposal Evaluation Support

Program Management

Federal agencies and organizations realize the importance of managing projects and processes in alignment with their mission and business policies.  Successful program management requires the right persons and precise skills.  IFS has a successful track record of past performance managing complex projects and meeting mission objectives.

Our benefits:

At Integrated Federal Solutions (IFS), we provide responsive and flexible program management to federal agencies. Working collaboratively with federal executives, we promote better decision making by employing best-of-breed program and project management tools, and recognized procedures and methods to achieve a successful engagement. Moreover, our program management solutions deliver the additional benefits of:

  • Projectmanagement transparency
  • Precise and unique performance metrics for quantifying project success
  • Real time monitoring of project processes
  • Completion of a consistent system of updated policies, methodologies and workload through the integrated initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing of the project lifecycle
  • Consolidated project reporting
  • Increase of project stakeholders involvement
  • Increased motivation within project teams
  • Increase in the number of projects delivered under budget
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Increase in cost savings
  • Better management of risk and challenges


Our Standards:

Our management framework ensures all activities are performed using processes consistent with PMI (PMBOK), ISO (ISO 9000) and SEI (CMMI) best practices. We provide the right project managers with the right skill sets to meet our customers’ expectations. Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and deliver customized project management solutions to respond to our customers’ needs. We partner with our stakeholders to identify, create and monitor all required program measures and metrics to continually evaluate and gauge the project’s performance.

Our Uniqueness:

We stand out by serving our customers proactively and effectively. We know how to best use management processes to provide project prioritization and integration. Our approach includes knowledge transfer for our customers and enables our clients to improve their leadership decision making.

Our services:

  • Project scheduling
  • Program assurance
  • Procurement management
  • Project scope management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project review
  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • EVMS management
  • Financial control
  • Organizational change management
  • Customization of templates to support Earned Value Management System (EVMS) initiatives
  • Project recovery
  • Integration management
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development
  • SOW Compliance
  • Project Performance Measurement, Monitoring, and Controlling
  • Project Control Systems
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Process Implementation
  • Project Management Office (PMO) deployment, governance and enhancement

Information Technology

IFS applies information technology to maximize customers’ return on investment, mission objectives, and extend solution usage across a wide array of platforms.  We have experience customizing and developing within a COTS software environment (such as SharePoint) as well as performing custom development.

IFS directs and assists customers in system migration through system replacement, technology migration, and technology insertion.  IFS deploys custom-developed applications, implement COTS software, and design hybrid solutions.  These technical solutions build on customer-specific technical requirements including Enterprise Architecture compliance, Technical Reference Model considerations, and interoperability with existing and future technology infrastructure.

IFS contributes specific roles in IT-based environments such as Software Configuration Management, data migration, and Certification and Accreditation (C&A) support.

Our services:

  • System Design
  • Custom Development and Coding
  • Web Services
  • Intranet and Virtual Workspace setup and maintenance
  • SharePoint design, configuration, deployment, and maintenance
  • Custom intranet/internet application development
  • Enterprise Architecture Compliance
  • Content / Records Management
  • Document Imaging

Data Analytics

IFS has experience providing data management and business intelligence solutions for customers in the Public Sector.  IFS consultants are well versed in a variety of business intelligence technologies and perform custom data analysis and visualization for our clients.  In our current roles at DHS we analyze acquisition and financial data to provide our clients with valuable insights.  We have assisted in the development of data dashboards and maintain data repositories that are accessed by various customers for their analysis requirements.  We specialize in taking data from disparate data sources, analyzing it, providing structure, and using the data to provide key insights to our customers.

Our services:

  • Reporting
    • Statutory and Congressional
    • Management Reporting
    • Regulatory Reporting
  • Data Quality Assurance Services
    • Monitoring of system data inputs
    • Create validation rules and analysis of system logic
    • Implementation of automated audit tools and procedures
  • Custom Analytics
    • Custom Database Development
    • Custom Analytical Tools
    • Data Mining and Business Intelligence Services
    • Data Migration
    • Data Extraction, Transfer and Load (ETL) Processes