Acquisition Support

Acquisition Support from Start to Finish

IFS has extensive experience supporting federal agencies with full life-cycle acquisition process – from planning and procurement to reporting, payment, and closeout. We have successfully provided acquisition support services to a number of federal agencies contracting offices.

IFS maintains strong professional references demonstrating successful performance across the full acquisition spectrum.

We have experience supporting agencies’ interaction with various aspects of the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) and are familiar with industry leading contract writing systems, financial systems, and reporting tools. Our staff maintains a constant “bench-strength” of 1102 qualified candidates (Sr., Mid, and Jr.) that ensures a consistent pool of qualified candidates for your agency’s review and approval.

Keeping our acquisition professionals current with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) is a critical component of our success. Continuous training, certifications, and “refresher” training is a paid benefit to all of our acquisition staff. IFS pays for NCMA chapter membership and training, and also sends select personnel to NCMA annual conferences.

As participants and sponsors of the leading industry trade group, NCMA, we work tirelessly to contribute and improve the growth of the profession. Because of our commitment we are looked at in the procurement community as uniquely skilled.

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Acquisition Support Services

  • Acquisition Systems Support
  • Acquisition Training
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance Services
  • Contract Administration Support
  • Contract Close-out Support
  • Contract Reporting & Data Analysis Support
  • CPARS Support
  • Contract Documentation Support
  • Cost / Pricing and Cost / Benefit Analysis Support
  • Data Validation and Tracking Support
  • FOIA Request Support
  • Invoice Processing Support
  • Market Research Support
  • Post-award Conference Support
  • Pre-solicitation Support
  • Preparation and Assembly of Contract Files Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Correspondence Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Updates to Contract Status Reports Support
  • Protest Support
  • Record and File Management Support
  • Studies and Analyses Related to Contract Management
  • Technical, Business, and Cost Proposal Evaluation Support

Acquiring goods and services on behalf of the Government is a challenging mission and is only getting more difficult by the day.

Many agencies find themselves being asked to acquire more items, more quickly, in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, with fewer personnel and more oversight.

Our key personnel have spent decades working in the federal marketplace and have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to help you navigate the complexities of the federal procurement world.

We spend more time than our competitors listening to your concerns, understanding your pain points, and truly trying to walk in your shoes as we deliver our services. Each agency is different, and we consistently strive to tailor our solutions to your unique environment.

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“The IFS Team is highly experienced in federal acquisition and has the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in managing [agency] contracts. Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to execute what was promised in their proposal, I would definitely recommend them for an award.”

– Contracting Officer, IFS Client Agency