Several Fed Agencies Changing Acquisition Strategies

April 26, 2019

Looking to better engage small business and the innovation community, while speeding up the time-t0-market of technology solutions, several federal agencies are updating their acquisition strategies.

According to, one of the agencies making changes is the National Science Foundation, who only accepted proposals from academia in the past, but will start awarding startups and nonprofits a $1 million planning grant toward phase two delivery.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Program within the Department of Homeland Security is also updating its acquisition process to operate more like a startup.

“We were seeing that we were not able to tap into the talent pool that startups bring to the ecosystem,” said Anil John, technical director of SVIP. “We did not have the mechanisms, we did not have the vehicles and we did not have the right conversation and the right language to translate government needs into startup speak.”

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