Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama Policy Regarding Hiring Options For Some Contractors

November 8, 2019

President Trump and his administration announced Thursday that an Obama era policy would be coming to an end. The executive order titled; “Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts” required service contractors taking over government work from a previous company to offer nonmanagerial employees the option to continue working their jobs before hiring new employees. One of the main purposes of this was to keep workers who knew the project and were skilled at their job employed and causing as little disruption to the job as possible.

The removal of this order has been met with both positive and negative feedback. The Communications Workers of America has criticized the removal pointing out that workers may now have to fear losing their jobs and moving when their job is still intact. However, others have found this to be a win for business. Stan Soloway, president, and CEO of the consulting firm Celero Strategies LLC welcomed the news of the rollback and stated that Obama’s order removed flexibility as a manager and that some workers simply just don’t fit the job they are in.

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